Are you
ready to


Two audio films about the end of all dreams. Here. There. Everywhere.

is a sentimental monologue about the remains of our ideals and the abyss where angels sing.

- a stream of consciousness, slowly fading, letting go and falling. Requiem. The end.

C + P 2022 FIGURES

is the base.
is just style.


The great are
only great
because we are
on our knees.



Forty two or forty and twenty is always sixty two or sixty

Earnings before interest and taxes

People have the power
People have to pay for power
Non members wait for hours

Remember the light when it's dark
Remember the night and this spark

Let's go
Let's go underground
It's not race, it's class, it's always class

This week in good news
They kick out your front door

We are one
But not the same

Using the homeless to guard empty houses What the #@%!$
And you say: this world is getting stupider every day
These are the days that matter

Active stagnation
Interactive starvation

Forever ever Ever ever

One two three four

I am warming up soup with headphones on
My way of praying
I've seen the glory and yes it's true
God exists
But he only loves dolphins

It comes down to what it is
It's called choice

Construction workers eating breakfast
In the sun
In front of buildings they are building
They will never be able to live in
And my biggest problem rite now is Vodafone

One two three four

Brangene speak
Where are we
Two negative ghosts went grocery shopping on a rainy spring Saturday afternoon
Are we born innocent

One two three four

Old flowers in vases and young cops in the dark
Kids with under Armour Caps
Sweet lesbians in the park
From overseas
An ode to joy
Can you dream communist

One two three four

Me I want your
Number of failures
Safe and pretty
European home

Friends in tears list
Sad trance gear is
Ancient dead Kiss

Blind ballerina
You strong emotion
Tonight tomorrow
Love and sorrow

What up soul you
Hollow man
With Celine tan
Self care workshop
Social Aesop
Range Rover whining
Priests reminding

He never scream
Her never seen
He never been
He never been

What is more peaceful then a McDonalds
In the middle of nowhere
Nothing is more real
Then nothing

I'm interested in things
That contribute

To my survival
I wish my child would become a Beastie Boy
Please don't be an accountant
The common problem is that
We are not someone else

Like washing your DICKIES at the Laundromat is convenient
But not very punk rock
My job is to arrange things
Created by other people

Capitalism is the most natural of all social systems
Because it resembles the human nature the most
The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor
The grabbing hands grab all they can

Prada sunglasses are
Two Hundred And Thirty Five Euros and more
All relationships are abuse all state is abuse all government is abuse

Here it comes
A serene transition
Into flames

The Messiahs identity is apparently a 23-year-old South Berliner called Dimitri
Berotec is his rapper name. He is waping hard
His favourite dance routine is polonaise
The Gini coefficient is a measurement of statistical dispersion
intended to represent the income or wealth inequality within a country

These are the days of the empty hands
Let's see those hands
My hands are tied

Albert Camus said
Humans are the only animal that refuses to be what it is
What do we mean when we say authentic

This is a meditation in an emergency
Nostalgia is an open scar from the past
Zeitgeist is understanding the contemporary discomfort

And I am defending my childhood
Against 124 therapy sessions
Whenever the word freedom appears privilege becomes unclear

I am sorry
We wander to our many destinations
With sweet anticipation
But we can't move

We kissed and we cried
And what would u say if I tell you that I think I might be in love with you
I wish but I can't so I won't
I cry my white tears
My smile is ilegal

Did you know that atoms never touch each other
Now im just chillin like Bob Dylan

This is a meditation in an emergency
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Its half past ten in the evening and you wish that you were dead
Always learning things the hard way

And God has given Grace
I wanna stay drunk many days
But we are not in control of the situation
Yet everybody wants to take the challenge

Girls, boys, art, pleasure
Moms and rappers
Sun is down, it's freezing cold

I am reading Warm Asses by Bukowski and I am laughing for three weeks straight
Someone asked Debussy how he composes
He said
I take all the sounds that exists leave out the ones I don't like and use all the others

Any colour
As long as it is black.
So here I am

An East German
Saying goes like this
There is still plenty when everything is missing
Back then everything was edgy
Now it's all oily

The feeling of powerlessness is one of the most painful and disturbing experiences
It's cold outside.
I´m a farmer in the city
You´re a charmer full of pity

Politics have no relation to morals
And time
Is everybodys

Stephan Szulzewsky 2022


Don stepped outside
I wish there would be a fire
Who keeps a dead tree
This is not an exit

How many times can you go to sleep
And wake up again
Without getting insane
I didn´t sleep since 1989

I got enough sleep
It's alright Ma
I can make it
I breathe
Like an excited animal

Writing a happy story
Using only three words
I loved you
Your greasy sweet little Nike Air Force

Prehistoric is before we could write
Pre contradiction is before I could desire

I want to paint
I can't paint
Why am I not a painter
My Polish friend says she needs to get drunk to forget
Where she lives

Same I guess
Stage 4 addiction
We are gods supreme creation
And completely normal in every way

The more I see the less I know
What do you want
What do you want
I am a skater who
Doesn't skate

A writer who only stutters
A singer who only screams
A lover who runs away
I am the leader

Of all phonies
The natural order
Of things
I was once
Googling Scarjo nudes

In a teams call
With the client
Why do humans always have to rank things
Number one this
Number two that

Number four is always better then number seven
Trauma is always better than addiction
Brick by brick
The communists have taken away my house

But I took it all back
I should have taken less
And given more
I'm inventing a story

So cool
I call it
My life
Please sign my

The untouchable
East German

I hate it
I love it
I lived my life into this corner
I am feeling something

I am a product
I am a zerotype
I check and read emails
All the art students
Look like bloggers

Mainline with a twist
Are you laughing
I wish there would be a fire
The conflict

Between what is thought
And what is felt
Is in full cry
My face disappeared

In my head
A long time ago
My password for eBay Is
You Two

For 10000 years
I am in freefall
To hell
I am sentimental

Have you ever
Been fired
Is being retired
The same

As being fired
Of the simple life
That's it

Riding high in April
Shutting down in May
We all have
The wrong heroes
I saw a guy today

With an
Albrecht Duerer tattoo
Sponsored by
I am part of it

The expiration economy
I am writing naked
The ease
The grace
The glory

They fuck you up
Your mum and dad
Don stepped outside
I wish there would be a fire
Sunday is the death

Of the weak
I need someone
To tell me the truth
I light a candle

Is the day
After 68 years
No Tagesschau
Was not broadcasted

A game of memory started
You know why
I can't tell you
I am not crying
My eyes hurt

Rage against
I can pronounce
My ideas
I love the light
In autumn

I want 2 be
A door
But I let
The universe decide

Forever young
Two hundred twenty seven
King Lears
And I can't remember
The first Line

I'm waking up
From the sound
Of some dirty
I always hated

The church down the road
Is packed
To the roof
Since they colonised the city

All those good people from
Fehrbelliner Strasse
Dads can dance
Bad Religion
Sad Religion
We are all just

Euro Porn
Our wine
Might be sour
But it's ours
This was a joke

We are innocent

In hypersleep
I care
Just very little
I carry
My old

Trying to fuel it at a charging station
Charging solutions for the homeless
I'll take all of that
You got
In the history
Of capitalism

I change the laces
Of my boots
And the faces
Of my youth

I am already
Emission free
My friends
Were rich
And poor
What difference does it make

This is no
This is yes
Those sacred words
Are true

I miss you
Every day
I wish there would be a fire
This is not an exit

I love the sound of doors
Closing slowly
Parts of Paris
Are burning

Parts of Paris
Have lost it
I wish I could change
My name again

You are cold
I am warm
Say something
The atmosphere which floats above the earth

There is no sound
In space
But Music is the breath of god
So there's no god in space

It's just that way
First you feel it
Then you understand it
Is it too late

It can't be too late
How it started
Versus How it's going
Trying to put into words

What I was trying
To achieve
My homies are candles beer cans and recycling bottles
My Archives of Pain

My emotional vocabulary
Can I have another one

Is Getting more and more important
These days

My sleeping bag is
So cozy
I didn't even
Piss in it
Not yet

Benefits supervisor sleeping
Self optimization
Eighty percent of CEOS believe that their company delivers a superior experience
I am the CEO of my sleeping bag

I am born free
I am everywhere
In chains
I am happy
In my chains
I have nothing to lose but
My chains
I am safer in chains
Then I am free
I am afraid of freedom

I'm pushing further
Permanent style
Kaeltebus Hotline
Where is everybody
All through the night
So hard
I stay alone
Giving thanks


What is the world
Love doesn't die
People do

All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain

Stephan Szulzewsky 2022

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